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What does Wellbeing mean to you?

The perfect fitness programme that boosts your energy levels all day? A fabulously indulgent spa treatment every weekend? A delicious meal for the entire family to enjoy? That swim that relaxes you after a long day at work?

At Aspria, we know it's all of the above and much more. Which is why our clubs provide a 360 approach to improving your health and lifestyle, whatever your needs may be.

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Get inspired by what some of our members have discovered at Aspria.

"I have seen tangible results"

I wanted to lower my stress levels and get some balance back in my life. Since I've joined, I've seen tangible results, following a flexible weekly regimen of group exercise classes, yoga and Spa treatments I was prescribed.

"The motivation I needed"

In the past, I’ve done my own thing at the gym, but working with a personal fitness trainer gave me that expert guidance on how to improve my energy and performance levels while also motivating me when I feel like giving up. The entire atmosphere in the club is friendly and supportive.

"My second home"

Some days I might want to focus on fitness; other days I’ll just relax in the sauna or meet up with friends and family – and that all fits with what Aspria has to offer. Aspria is becoming my second home: it’s a club in the true sense of the word.

"The perfect solution for us"

As soon as we visited Aspria, we knew we’d found the perfect solution for us. There are so many activities and classes for the children – and while they’re happily occupied, we’re free to enjoy some ‘me time’ at the club. There are great social spaces to spend quality time together as a family too.

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