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About us

At Aspria, we want our members to achieve ultimate wellbeing, so they can Live Life Well.

Aspria is an exclusive collection of premium members’ clubs that aim to inspire people of all ages to be healthy, feel good and enjoy life.

Our eight different clubs throughout Europe offer first-class health, fitness and spa facilities that help advance every facet of our members’ personal wellbeing.

Four clubs also offer luxury accommodation for members and their guests.

Fit for Life

For each club, we have invested in state-of-the-art fitness equipment, zoned to focus members on their workouts and create some of the finest gyms and swimming pools in Europe.

We also run an exceptionally wide range of group exercise classes to motivate members and keep them on track to achieve their fitness goals. Supported by an expert team of personal trainers to challenge and drive members to get the most from our facilities.


Over 80 hours of group excercise classes every week

Relax the rules

An essential component of wellbeing is relaxation, and our decadent spas offer a rejuvenating sanctuary from daily life.

Steam rooms, saunas, hamams, soothing relaxation areas and the best massage, beauty and treatment therapists make our spa facilities renowned spaces for total tranquility. Each club also has a health-conscious restaurant, bistro or café, plus a lively, inclusive spirit that makes members and their families want to relax and socialise.

Family first

At Aspria, we are passionate about enhancing the time that families spend together and providing a platform for children’s healthy development.

We offer a range of stimulating children’s classes and activities to educate and inspire young people, with synchronised classes so that parents can enjoy their wellbeing time too. Childcare, birthday party planning and a selection of targeted summer sports and creative camps make life far easier for adults and much more fun for children.

A world of wellbeing

When you become a member of any Aspria club, it automatically gives you access to our other luxurious wellbeing properties throughout Europe.

All you need to do is email us in advance stating which club you wish to visit and when, and we will organise entry for you.

We also have reciprocal partnerships with the following carefully chosen clubs worldwide, allowing Aspria members the opportunity to tend their wellbeing while on holiday or travelling for work:

  • The Army & Navy Club, Washington DC
  • The Calcutta South Club, Calcutta
  • The British Club, Bangkok
  • The British Club, Singapore
  • The Ladies Recreation Club, Hong Kong

The best that you can be

With each member’s personal progress at the heart of what we do, we have commissioned a team of world-class experts to devise a unique health assessment system especially for us.

Aspria Pro is an advanced programme that defines and monitors every aspect of wellbeing, with the aim of reducing our members’ biological age and enhancing their health and wellbeing so they can live life to the full.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved since 2000, and want to share our vision of integrated fitness, health and lifestyle in Europe’s most exceptional members’ clubs.

A final word

Since 2000, Brian Morris, Co-Founder and CEO, has also managed all the company's new business and real estate acquisitions to Aspria's own exacting quality standards.

“We're immensely proud of what we and our team have achieved. We love a challenge, and take on projects with a level of complexity that many operators would shy away from. That's what makes Aspria different, and that's how we'll keep innovating and hold our position as the market leader for premium clubs in Europe.”

Brian Morris
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

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